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When you start out, it’s easy to get disheartened when you write blog articles but get little traffic.

Having concrete goal like 1000 page views every day is achievable and keeps your motivation high. You can make the figures smaller to start off with. So if you have no page views yet, start with 10 page views every day, then 100 page views and finally move onto 1000.

Blogging is a marathon and not a sprint, so have small intermittent goals and celebrate your successes along the way. This will motivate you to keep working.

Here are some simple tips to get your first daily 1000 page views under your belt. You don’t have to do them all. Pick and choose the ones that work best for you and your content.

1.) Have a Plan

Sticking to a simple plan makes your page view goal easily achievable.

Here is one simple plan:

Step 1 : Write 5 amazing blog articles.(By amazing, make sure they have brilliant titles, are long and provide extra valuable content.

Step 2: Market them like crazy to the targeted audience using the rest of the ideas in this article.

Step 3: Aim to get 200 daily visitors for each article to reach your 1000 page views.

You can adjust this figure and write 10 blog posts and get 100 daily visitors each. Make it 20, 30, 50 and adjust the figures accordingly.

When your visitors read your blog articles, make sure you offer them an amazing offer before the end of the article so they subscribe to your email list (more on this later).

2.) Pinterest

Pinterest is a great way for many bloggers to get their first page views. It works best for bloggers who have content that can be displayed visually. There are many blog topics that work well on Pinterest. Travel, weddings, gift guides, home decor, money making ideas, DIY, blogging, women’s style, food & drinks, health & wellness and lots more.

If your blog content works well with Pinterest, sign up! Then for every article that you write, create a pin that links from Pinterest to your article.

Use Canva to create attractive pins. Canva has ready-made templates you can easily adapt for your articles and you can create a free account. Try to craft headlines that people want to click on (more on this later…)

Here are 5 other Pinterest actions your can do:

1.) Use Tailwind to schedule your pins.

2.) Pin your pins to group boards.

3.) Pin every day.

4.) Include your pin at the end of each article and have a call to action to “pin it for later”. See an example of the end of this article

4.) Keep at it.

You don’t have to overcomplicate it. I have had outstanding success with Pinterest while doing very little as people with popular boards have repinned my pins (and the traffic has come through their boards) I haven’t even done a lot of work with Pinterest such as trying to get followers. I just keep pinning good content and it gets shared.

3.) Write Niche Articles With Keywords In the Titles.

Niche articles are articles with a narrow focus. For example, perhaps you are a food blogger who wants to write an article on the best smoothies.

If you write an article titled the “10 Best Smoothies”, it’s quite a general article. It will be impossible to rank on the first page of Google for this search term as there is so much competition from established websites.

To make it a niche article you need to have a narrower focus. It also needs to be something people are actually searching for. Why not write about the smoothies for a health condition. Here are some examples:

10 Best Smoothies to Increase Fertility

10 Best Smoothies for Menopause

10 Best Smoothies for Male Enhancement

These are all titles that contain search terms people are looking for. Yet there isn’t as much competition so it’s easier to rank on the first page of Google and get traffic through the search engine.

When writing niche content, make sure you include the keywords of what you are writing about in the post title. This will help your niche content rank higher in the search engines.

4.) Write Longer Posts of at least 1500 words (but more if possible)

You should write long posts with high quality valuable content for the following reasons:

  • Google likes long posts and if you write long posts you are more likely to rank in Google for the search terms you are writing about.
  • If you write valuable content, long posts mean your readers will stay on your webpage longer. Google uses the time people spend on your website to determine the quality of the posts. If Google sees people are spending longer on your webpage, they are more likely to feature your posts in the search results.
  • Long posts have more words and give more SEO opportunities for your blog to rank in the search engines.
  • If you have longer posts with high-quality information, readers will see that you are an authority on the topic you are writing about. Then they are more likely to come back and read more posts. They may also hire you or buy from you as valuable indepth information helps build trust.
  • Many bloggers haven’t caught on that longer posts do well in the search engines and with their audience. They are still writing posts that are 500 to 1000 words. Therefore, it’s easier to rank higher than the competition with longer posts.

What You Need to Know About Writing Longer Posts

It’s important when writing long posts, not to just write a lot of unbroken text. You need to make it easy for readers to scan your posts. They are more likely to stay on the page if you break up the text and make it easy to read.

Here are some ways to break up your text:


Lots of white space

Pictures, infographics and photos


Bullet points

Make it easy for readers to scan your text. Most people don’t read the Internet like they would read the book. They scan and read the important points that speak to them. Make it easy for your readers to do this.

5.) Have Catchy and Clickable Titles

Make sure your title is something that readers want to click on. Clickable titles are very important when marketing your blog posts on social media and on Google. Here are some ideas:

1.) Have powerful adjectives. Use words that inspire and excite people. Some good adjectives to include in your title are words such as  – powerful, amazing, secret, proven unique, successful, surprising, best and inspiring

2.) Use  a Listicle such as 10 Ways to…. or 10 Tips to… or 10 Secrets

3.) Give the reader a benefit of reading the article in the title – what will they learn, who can they impress, how will they feel or what can they get from reading your article. For example, one of my latest articles is

5 Powerful Tips to Get Coaching Clients Online Via Your Website

From the title, the reader know the benefit get from reading the article is learning how to get clients online via a website.

Discover 11 tips to write clickable titles fast.

4.) Make use of numbers, statistics and timeframes

Using statistics and timeframes often works very well in a headline.

How can people get from one situation to another in a certain timeframe? For example:

How to get 5 new customers in the next month

How to Double Your Web Traffic in the next 3 months

How I Increased My Income by 206% in the Last Year

Learn more on how to write clickable title quickly. 

6.) Use Facebook

Facebook is an excellent source for your first visitors.

Join Facebook groups that are relevant to your blog topic. Answer people’s queries and questions and post links to your relevant blog posts with more information.

You could also start your own Facebook group and answer people’s questions and queries by linking to your website.

Use your personal page to share articles which may resonate with friends or family.

7.) Answer Questions on Other Forums and Post a Link.

There are many other forums where you can answer people’s questions and link to your articles.

Some general forums include Reddit and Quora. Be helpful, answer people’s questions on your blog topic and post a link to share your article.

There may be forums you know of that work really well with the content which you write about so post there too.

8.) Start an Email List

This is a very important point. Start an email list as soon as you can.

The best way to get an email list is to offer something free and valuable people can download or get access to. You can get people’s email addresses when they sign up for their freebie. Freebies could be a video they get access to, a webinar, worksheet, ebook, checklist or other download.

Please note, you should clearly state that you will add their email address to your list at the point they sign up. They should also be clear of how you will use their email address (such as to send them offers, a newsletter, new blog posts etc). Subscribers should be clear on how they can opt out and that they can do so at any time. 

You can email people on your email list with new blog posts to get more views!

9.) Have Related Articles at the End of Every Post.

A great way to get more post views is to have related articles at the end of every post.

When people finish reading your post, the last thing you want them to do is to hit the back button. Give them somewhere else to go. Write compelling titles of articles that they can’t resist reading. Keep them on your website as long as possible.

10.) Have Links to Other Pages Throughout Your Blog Posts.

If you have other content that people will be interested in, link to them in relevant places throughout your post. Again, this shows you are an authority on the topic as you have lots of content they want to read more of. It showcases more of what you offer. It also keeps them on your website longer, which will be good for your Google rankings. It will also add to more page views.

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