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Stuck for ideas for your beauty blog? Find quick ways to generate your own ideas. Then find 101 beauty blog posts with headlines that you can start right away.

How to Get Beauty Blog Post Ideas

There are tons of ways to get ideas of beauty topics to write about when you have writer’s block. Here are some of my favorites.

Search Forums

Chat forums such as Reddit and Quora have lots of readers asking queries that you can turn into blog posts. There is a super quick way to search forums for blog topic ideas using Google.

In my example, I decided I wanted to search Reddit for blog post ideas on eyshadow. To do this, I typed eyeshadow in the Google search engine as you can see below.

Google then returns results from Reddit forums only on eyeshadow:

There were tons of ideas from the forum in the search results (you can see a few of them in the diagram). You can use these questions and turn them into blog posts. For example:

5 Amazing Ways to Use Up Eyeshadow (and make your eyes look stunning!)

If people are answering and asking these kinds of questions in Reddit, they will also be typing them into Google to get answers. You could also link your posts to respond to questions on Reddit as well.

You can search any site in Google by using the formula site:(website) (search query). For example, to search for mascara questions on you would write mascara

Use Google

Another easy way is to use Google. When you are typing a search query into Google it will often finish your search results with words that other people are using. So I typed into Google “the best lipsticks for” and it finished my search query with numerous popular search terms that people are looking for:

You could use any one of these search terms to start writing an article. Have a go. It’s fun!

Social Media

Social media forums are a great way to get beauty blog post topic ideas. Facebook is excellent. There are many groups on there that you can join to get inspiration. What questions are people asking? Can you answer them in a blog post and link to them in the Facebook chat? You can even start your own Facebook group to get more ideas.

Another great website to get blog post ideas is Type a couple of keywords into the website and it will return the questions people are looking for. I typed moisturizer into the website and it came up with the following questions people are asking:

There are tons of ideas here for blog posts. What about “The Best Moisturizer to Use On Your Tatoos” or “5 Brilliant Moisturizers for Teenagers with Acne Prone Skin”

Listen To Friends or Family

Sometimes you can get amazing ideas from conversations. What beauty challenges do your friends, family and people you know face? You can even ask them? Then write a blog post for your family member, share it with them and get your first visitor.

101 Beauty Blog Post Ideas

Here are tons of ideas to get you started. You can use them right away. They can be an inspiration to get you thinking. Or adapt the titles to make them fit your blog.

1.How to Stop Acne When You Have to Wear a Facemask All Day

2.The Top 10 Liquid Lipsticks (that stay on all day)

3 What is Slow Beauty? Why We Are Embracing This Trend in 2021.

4. How To Reduce The Appearance of Eye Bags for Your Zoom Meeting

5. How to Plait Afro Hair

6. 10 Zero Waste Beauty Products

7. The Ultimate Beauty Gift Guide for Women in their 40s (could replace with 20s, 30s, 50s etc)

8.The 10 Best Concealers for Men

9. The Top 10 Plant-Based Skincare Products

10. 10 Ways to Air Dry Your Hair Without Frizz

11. Why Silk Pillows Stop You Ageing Why You Sleep.

12. The Five Best Tinted Moisturizers Under $10

13. Bold and Graphic Eyes Are On Trend –  Five Products You Need for this Look

14.. The 5 Most Eco Friendly Hair Dryers.

15. 10 Beauty Secrets I Learned from My Grandma That I Use Everyday

16. 10 Beauty Business Ideas You Can Start Today

17. The Best Beauty Books for Women Over 50

18. 12 Secret Nail Polish Tricks From the Professionals

19. 10 Handy Mascara Tips That Will Make Your Eyes Look Amazing

20. 10 Microbiome Friendly Soap Brands

21. Tula Revitalizing Eye Cream: An Indepth Review (reviewing any beauty product or tool makes a great blog post).

22. How to Upcycle Glass Bottles from Beauty Products

23. The 10 Best Mascaras for People Who Wear Contact Lenses

24. 5 Alternatives To Dry Shampoo

25. The Best Dry Shampoo for Dark Hair

26. 5 Top Mascaras for Older Women

27. The best eyeshadow colors for blue eyes (swap the eye color)

28. Top 10 Eye Creams with SPF

29. 20 Skin Hacks If you Suffer From Acne

30. How I Got Rid of Acne And You Can Too

31. 10 Luxury Skin Care Products That Make Brilliant Gifts

32. How To Fix Dyed Hair When It’s Too Dark

33. The Best Greasy Hair Shampoo for Teenagers

34. 10 Solutions for Greasy Hair Which Is Dry At the End

35. 7 Perfume Free Shampoos

36. 5 Best Split Ends Trimmers

37. 15 Easy and Quick Hairstyles With Braiding Hair

38. 15 Best Hair Oils for Greasy / Dry / Fine (or other type of) Hair

39. Why Coconut Oil Is A Great Treatment for Frizzy Hair

40. Pedicure Oil. Why You Need It In Your Foot Care Routine.

41. The Best Foot Care Routine for Runners / Dancers etc

42. The Best Face Yoga Method for Jowls

43. How to Make Cuticle Oil (or replace cuticle oil with any other beauty product)

44. 10 Essential Oils to Prevent Wrinkles

45. 5 Amazing Eye Brow Wax Pens

46 How To Achieve Waves on Short Hair

47. The 5 Best Leave In Conditioners With Natural Ingredients

48. The Best Lipstick Sized Hair Remover For Women

49. Amazing Hair Extensions for Very Short Hair

50. 20 Stunning Manicures for Short Nails

51. The Best Green Tea Beauty Products

52. How To Conceal Scars On Your Forehead with Make Up

53. How To Contour Your Nose Smaller

54. Twenty Awesome Jobs In the Beauty Industry in 2021

55. 10 Easy Ways To Keep Your Skin Hydrated When Flying

56. 5 Amazing Make Up Storage Boxes With A Mirror

57.The Ultimate Guide to Make Your Eyelashes Look Longer

58. 5 Superfoods You Should Eat for Strong Hair and Nails

59. 10 Stunning Hairstyles for Above Shoulder Length Hair

60. Braids vs Plaits. What’s the Difference?

61. Straightening Brush vs Flat Irons. What’s the Best Tool for Your Hair?

62. Best Curling Irons in 2021

63. 10 Super Quick Hair Styles for Long Hair

64. 11 Best Sun Tan Lotions with Natural Ingredients

65. The Top 10 Skincare Problems and How to Fix Them

66. The 5 Products You Need For The No Make-Up Look

68. A Super Quick Make Up Routine For Home

69. 11 Bold Lipstick Shades You Should Try This Year

70. 20 Best Hand Wash Products for Sensitive Skin

71. 5 Travel-Sized Essentials for Your Vacation

72 Need A Low Maintenance Hair Cut? Here’s 7 You Will Love

73. Three ways to do Silver Hair Color

74. Copper Color : Here’s 5 Looks You will Love

75  The Fringe is Back! Why It’s Perfect for 2021

76. Why You Should Make Your Skin Care Routine Eco Friendly.

77. 10 Beauty Products With Recyclable Packaging

78. The 5 Most Eco Friendly Beauty Brands in 2021

79. Why Less is Better For Your Skincare Routine. Save Money But Still Look Great!

80. 20 Vegan Skincare Products that Are Under $20

81. 5 Awesome Virtual Nail Art Tutorials that Are Free on YouTube

82. What is the Best Skincare Fridge for Your Products

83. The Best Facial Tools for Blackheads

84. What are the Best Skin Analysis Apps

85. The 20 Most Popular Beauty Apps.

86. How Your Skin Changes In Your 30s (and what to do about it)

87. The Top 5 Things You Can Do To Prevent Ageing

88. 10 Nail Trends to Try in 2021

89. How To Achieve a Sun Kiss Glow This Summer

90. 10 Easy Ways To Remove Dry Skin From Your Feet

91. 10 Awesome Make Up Bags With Handles

92. How To Prevent Dry Skin On Your Hands During the Covid 19 Pandemic

93. Cracked Lips – 10 Products That Will Restore Your Luscious Lips

94. 5 Ways to Stop Biting Your Nails When Everything Else Has Failed.

95. Cold Showers – Washing Your Hair In Cold Water Equals Shiny, Smooth, Locks

96. The Make Up Products You No Longer Need (and what to use instead)

97. 5 Tricks to Deal With Unwanted Upper Lip Hair

98. Make Your Own Moisturizer With Ingredients from Your Kitchen (in 10 minutes or less)

99 No Conditioner – 10 Things You Can Use or Do Instead

100 5 Things You Can Use When You Have No Eyeshadow

101 How To Use Eyeshadow When You Wear Glasses

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