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Looking for unique travel post ideas that people are searching for but other bloggers haven’t written about yet! Look no further, we have you sorted.

This blog post will tell you:

  • 5 ways to come up with your own amazing travel blog ideas in a few minutes
  • 84 Unique Blog Post Ideas that You Can Get Started With Straight Away

How to Come Up With Amazing Travel Blog Post Ideas

There are some amazing Internet resources to help you find amazing blog ideas. Let’s start with Google:


When you use the Google Search engine, it completes the search term you are looking for with lots of popular ideas that other people are searching for. In the following example, I typed “packing list for b” and Google came up with lots of niche ideas. You could repeat the search term with all the letters of the alphabet to get even more ideas.


Related Search Box

Another fantastic thing Google does is come up with a related search box. This tells you other search terms people are typing in that are related to the search term you looked for. In the example below I typed “packing list for beach vacation” into Google. At the bottom of the search results, Google gave me the following related search terms that could also make great blog posts.

People Also Ask

Google also shows a “people also ask” section with related questions that other people also type into Google. The following section came up with my “packling list for beach vacation” search:

These questions could be the title of an individual blog post or you could use them as subheadings in a general post about packing for a beach trip.

AnswerthePublic is another great resource to get inspiration for blog post ideas. Just type in a couple of keywords into Answerthepublic and it will return zillions of ideas. AnswerThePublic listens into autocomplete data from search engines like Google then quickly cranks out every useful phrase and question people are asking around your keyword.

I typed in “packing list”. Here are a couple of the graphs I got at AnswerthePublic.

It gives you a couple of free searches every day. After that, you need to pay for a subscription, but the free tool is definitely worth checking out.


Pinterest is another awesome site to get some brilliant blog post ideas. It shows you pins from the blog posts other people have written to give inspiration. I typed “Road Trips” into the search term box and here is what I got.

If you look closely at the picture, underneath the search box at the top are other words that Pinterest has found linked to the search term “Road trip”. The first one is “Essentials”. You can click on this word and Pinterest returns even more results. The words give you even more niche ideas for your post. You could now write “10 Road Trip Essentials To Make Your Trip Easier”

84 Travel Blog Post Ideas

If you want to get started straight away, I’ve compiled a list of 84 travel blog topic ideas. You can use the titles as they stand. Or you can adapt them slightly or use them to inspire you to think of others.

Travel and Groups

What’s It Like to Travel When You’re a … (fill in the blank… solo female traveler, young, pregnant, black woman, senior citizen etc)

The Top Ten Beach Destinations in the Costa Del Sol for Babies

10 Fun Activities for Teenagers To Do In … (place name)

The Ultimate Guide To Travel When You’re Pregnant

How to Homeschool Kids When You Travel In an RV

The Best Women Only Groups for Travel To Europe

5 Top Destinations for Lesbians in Europe

Things To Do With Toddlers in (place name)

When is The Best Time for Over 50s to Travel To Mexico (or other place name / age group)

The Best Vacation Destinations for Vegans

The Best Beach Destinations in UK for Families With Dogs

19 Travel Hacks with Kids


The Top Ten Apps for Travel In Madrid

Experience a VR Tour of (Hotel, Place, Beach etc)

The Best Travel Gadgets for Long Flights

The 10 Best Travel Gadgets for Backpackers

7 Amazing Power Banks for Camping (or Backpacking)

A Review of the Best Wireless Headphones for Travel

The Best Wireless Router for Travel

How to Get Internet While Traveling in an RV

How to Find Free Wi-fi in (place name)


When you write articles about stuff, you can link to the products you review with an affiliate link. Then if people click through and buy the items you are reviewing you earn a small commission This will help you earn some income from your travel blog.

The Best Travel Hair Straightener With a Diffuser

The Top 5 Cordless Travel Kettles for Your Road Trip

5 of the Best Travel Blackout Blinds

Why You Need a Travel Neck Wallet

The 10 Best Travel Sickness Bracelets for Children

20 of the Best Gifts for Backpackers (or Hikers etc)

9 of the Best Travel Towels: Lightweight and Dry Super Fast

Travel, Food and Diet

Many people will research the best restaurants to eat in a specific area of the world they are visiting. There are many competitive posts listing the 10 best restaurants in a “place name”. See if you can go niche and find specific types of restaurants that people might search for and write about these too. There will be less competition for you to rank against in the search engines. Some examples include seafood, vegan and breakfast restaurants and cafes. Or if you write about restaurants in a place less traveled, these posts might be easier to rank for on Google too.

How to Eat Keto on Vacation

The Ultimate Guide to Eating Gluten-Free When Traveling

The Top Ten Vegan Restaurants (in place name)

The Top Ten Buffet Style Restaurants in London (or another place name)

How to Eat on A Budget When Traveling In (place name)

7 Amazing Bakeries to Try in Chicago (or another place name)

17 Foods To Try in Japan (or  another place name)

The Best Seafood Restaurant in Venice

Best Fish and Chips in Whitby (or another place in UK)

The 10 Best Places for Breakfast in Madrid


Two Weeks In Europe By Train: Four Suggested Itineraries

The 5 Top Travel Games for Adults

Toddler Travel Checklist: What to Take on a Plane

How to Get Your Baby To Sleep on a Plane

10 Carry on Essentials for Long Flights


Whatever places you are an expert on, write about them. You know your stuff. This comes across in your writing and people will see you as an authority on the topic. This makes it more likely they return to your site to read other articles you’ve written. Here are some ideas:

10 Things to See and Do in (… insert place name)

The Best Places to See the Sunrise near… (insert place name)

The Best Walking Tours in … (near you)

Discover the 5 Secluded Picnic Spots (near you)

Discover the Best Museums / Theme Parks / Outdoor Attractions / Parks / Playgrounds (near you)

The Ultimate Guide to Public Transport (near you)

The 10 Best Gyms in… (place name)

Here is the Cheapest Place to Grocery Shop in …(place name)

The top 5 Places to Swim in …. (Place name)

15 Stunning Day Trips from … (place name)

What to do in (place name) at night

Eco Friendly Travel

Eco friendly travel is a very hot topic at the moment. People care about the environment and want to travel sustainably.

The Top Ten Eco Friendly Beach Destinations (and why)

Sustainable Hotels In and Around London (or place name)

10 Tips for Eco Friendly Travel

The Best Eco Friendly Travel Toiletry Bag

The Ultimate Guide to Eco Friendly Camping

10 Surprising Eco Friendly Destinations in Europe (or other place name, Spain, USA etc)


5 Amazing Ways to Do Your Laundry in Under 30 Minutes on Vacation

The Best Travel Mouthwash for Your Vacation

The Ideal Minimalist Packing List for Females

What to Pack for Vacation in (place name)

The Best Family Hotels in (place name)

Travel and Fitness

The Top 10 Destinations for Yoga Enthusiasts

The Most Amazing Places to Run in (…place name)

5 Hacks to Supercharge Your Weight Loss While On Vacation

How to Workout In Your Hotel Room

The Best Hotel Gyms in (place name)

Discover the Best Hiking Trails in …(place name)

The Secrets To Training Your Arms Without Weights While on Vacation

Cycling Holidays in and around Amsterdam (or other place name)

5 Outdoor Gyms in (place name)

Discover Where to Kayak in (place name)

Types of Vacation

There are so many types of vacations that people want information on. Blog ideas could include adventure vacation, city breaks, road trip, weekends away, package holidays, beach vacations, national parks vacations and lots more. Here are a few ideas.

Discover the Best Birthday Weekend Vacations for your 40th

5 Best Cruises for Families with Teenagers

The Best City Vacations for Couples in October

The Best Safari and Beach Vacation in Tanzania

10 Best Spa Breaks in and around … (place name)

10 Best Girls Night Away Breaks

Top 10 Road Trips for Seniors

20 Beach Vacations You Will Love If You’re Single

5 Unique Bachelorette Party Vacation Ideas That You Haven’t Thought of

Examples of niche travel blog posts to inspire you

Faraway Lucy

Lucy is an award winning travel blogger who has written a lot of niche articles on food and drink and travel. Some niches she’s written about include the best bottomless brunches, the best vegan cookies and vegan pizzas in different cities throughout the worlds,

Travels with Louise

Louise blogs about days out within the UK. Some of her niches include things to do with teenagers in cities like London and York. She’s also writes about castles in the UK. 

Jones Around the World

Jones has a whole section of his website dedicated to music festivals. One of the topics he writes about is music festivals around the world such as 30 best music festivals in Europe to experience before you die.He also writes about travel quotes and glamping.

Borders of Adventure

Becki Enright writes about adventure travel. One of her niches is misunderstood destinations, where she blogs about post conflict countries like  or destinations that are difficult to transverse. 

Bucketlist Journey

No prices for guessing what bucketlist journey’s niche. There are lots of bucket list from the camping bucket list – 100 fun activities and things to do to the beach bucket list.  


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