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How To Find Nutrition Blog Post Ideas

Do you have writer’s block? Finding it difficult to come up with unique ideas for your nutrition blog. Do not despair. After you’ve finished reading this post, you will never be stuck for a blog post idea again.

We will tell you:

  • 5 ways to get ideas for blog posts (always have inspiration to hand)
  • 81 blog post ideas that you can start to write today!

Google Nutrition Trends for this Year

Google is your friend and there are many ways that Google can help you come up with ideas for your blog post. The first thing I did when researching this article was Google the nutrition trends in 2021. These are the topics people are searching for. In 5 minutes I had a huge list of topics. See some below:

  • Nutrition to boost immunity (not surprising in 2021)
  • Popular diets – Keto, Whole30, Paleo, Mediterranean diet and F-factor
  • Nutrient dense foods
  • Flexitarian diets (more vegetables and less meat)
  • Plant-based burgers
  • Gut health
  • Clean eating
  • Kombucha
  • Milk alternatives
  • Instant pot meals
  • Carb alternatives
  • Take-out
  • Prebiotics
  • Low waste foods
  • Home baked bread
  • Anti-inflammation
  • Chicory root
  • Plant jerky
  • Meal kits
  • Chickpeas
  • The best foods for mental health (anxiety / depression etc)
  • Family and kids nutrition

Google Search

Google has a great feature when you search for something. Type the beginning of your search term and it will complete it with popular phrases people actually search for. I typed in carb alternatives and Google gave me lots more specific terms which could help me put together a blog article.


I could now write a blog post on 10 Surprising Carb Alternatives To Eat On the Keto Diet.

Google Question Feature

Another very useful feature on Google is the question feature. When you search for something, Google often provides a list of questions that people are asking. I Googled “carb alternatives” and Google provided me with the following question box as part of the search results.

You can include these questions as part of your article. Or use them to write a post. From these questions, I might write 10 Health Dinners With No Carbs or 10 Foods You Can Eat For Dinner With No Carbs or 10 Carb Free Dinner Recipes for the Keto Diet.

Related Search Box

Another awesome thing that Google does is have a related search box. If you scroll down to the end of the search results page, you will find even more search terms that people are typing into Google.

Again you can use these search terms for even more blog topic ideas. For example, 10 Easy to Prepare Vegetable Alternatives to Carbs.


Pinterest is another source of inspiration for blog posts. Like Google it has a search box where it finishes search terms for you:


It will also return results of pins that show what other people are writing about. Obviously, you don’t want to copy what other people are writing but it gives lots of inspiration.

81 Nutrition Blog Post Ideas

To get you started, here are 81 blog post ideas. You can take the title and just write the post straight away. Or adapt the titles for your blog niche, strengths and passions. Or just use the titles for inspiration.

Nutrition for Health Conditions

People often search for nutritional information when they are suffering from symptoms of a health condition or have a strong desire to beat it. Therefore, combining health conditions with nutritional information can make great blog posts. Here are some examples:

The Easy and Simple 7 Day Diabetes Meal Plan

8 Powerful Foods To Help Conquer Anxiety and Depression

Do Bananas Help with Anxiety? Here’s What You Need to Know.

5 Foods To Avoid If You Have Pernicious Anaemia

Discover 20 Foods You Should Eat If You Have MS

10 Surprising Foods That May Be Aggravating Your Arthritis

Is Spinach Good for Osteoporosis? Everything You Need to Know.

How To Treat Conjunctivitis (or Health Condition of Your Choice) With Nutrition

Can a Vegan Diet help Degenerative Disc Disease

The Proven Diets That Help Relieve Back Pain

7 Foods High in Selenium To Boost Thyroid Function

Nutrition and Apps

People use apps to manage just about everything today and nutrition is no exception. Here are some article ideas:

Best Nutrition Apps for Athletes in 2021

The Best Nutrition Apps that Work With Apple Health

Myfitness Pal Vs Lifesum – Which is Best?

The 10 Top Nutrition Apps for Weight Loss

5 Amazing Nutrition Apps for Dieticians


People often ask questions about different foods, especially superfoods. Can you add anything to the conversation?

Brocolli Vs Chicken Protein: Compare Both foods at a Glance

10 Easy and Simple Ways To Include More Kale In Your Diet

20 Amazing Superfoods for Breastfeeding / Menopause/ Puberty / Bodybuilding etc

Discover 20 Surprising Superfoods for Gut Health

The Ultimate Guide To Flaxseed

13 Proven Benefits of Dandelion Tea

5 Amazing Foods to Optimise Brain Power

Learn 10 Best Collagen Rich Foods for Anti-Ageing

Travel and Nutrition

Travel is still possible within our own countries in 2021. Or why not write articles about nutrition and travel for when we can get on a plane again.

The Ultimate Guide To Eat a Vegan Diet When Traveling

10 Successful Ways to Stick to Your Diet On Vacation

10 Healthy Foods to Try When Visiting Spain (or other place name)

Nutrition and Life Stages

Combining articles on food and nutrition with different stages of life is another unlimited source of blog post ideas. From babies to seniors there are tons of life stages where different foods are important. For women alone, there’s pregnancy, trying to conceive, menopause, breastfeeding Moms and the menstrual cycle. Here are some niche ideas:

Learn the Nutrition Needed to Increase your Estrogen Levels Naturally

10 Foods that Can Cause Early Puberty

Create 7 Easy Meal Plans for Kid’s Dinners After School

Discover the Ten Top Healthy Foods Your Toddler Will Love

Kids and Vegetables. How To Get Them To Eat Some From Today

The Surprising Top Ten Superfoods For Men

The Ultimate Guide To Eating While You’re Trying To Conceive

5 Amazing Fruits and Vegetables To Boost Your Testosterone Levels

The Best Foods for Seniors With No Teeth

Create 4 Quick Green Smoothies That Kids Will Love

11 Powerful Herbs to Balance Female Hormones

Foods and the Immune System

With Covid-19 still with us, boosting immunity through nutrition is a hot topic.

10 Most Powerful Immune Boosting Herbs

The 5 Supplements To Improve Your Immune System in 2021

Vitamin D and Covid 19. How to Increase Vitamin D in Your Diet.

19 Gut Healing Foods To Ease Inflammation and Boost The Immune System

Different Diets

There are lots of different diets that people follow. You can give more information about them. Here are some ideas:

Paleo vs Mediterranean Diet. Which is Best for You?

The Ultimate Guide to the Flexitarian Diet: Pros and Cons

The Raw Vegan Diet for Weight Loss: 30 Day Meal Plan

Keto Diet Vs Akins Diet. The Best Option for Weight Loss

12 Vegan Sources of Iron / B12 / Zinc / Omega 3 Fatty Acids

Plant Based Protein Vs Animal Based Protein. Everything You Need to Know.

Locality and Food

Many people like to eat and shop locally. It’s convenient, great to support local business and perfect for the eco conscious too. These types of articles are great to share on social media with friends and clients. You can also promote them in chat groups, emails and in local publications.

Review of the Best Vegan Restaurants (in Your Area)

The 10 Best Farmers Markets Near You

The Best Health Stores Near You

How to Grow Your Own Food in (your area) (an article for growing the best vegetables etc in your climate)

The Best Organic Food Boxes that Deliver to (your area)

The Best Summer Food Near You

Sports And Nutrition

30 Amazing Foods for Runners (or cyclists/gymnasts/bodybuilders etc)

The Smart Foods to Eat Pre Workout

30 Foods Runners (or another type of athlete) should avoid

Can Beetroot Juice Improve Running Performance?

The Ultimate Guide to Vitamin B15 (Pandamic Acid)

Nutrition Supplements

There are lots of supplements that nutritionists know about and other people research on Google. Take advantage of this and write some posts about them.

Does Bee Pollen Help Hay fever? Everything You Need to Know.

10 Proven Benefits Of Ginseng and How To Consume It

Can Boron Boost Testosterone Levels?

The Incredible Supplements to Conquer Itchy Skin in Menopause

5 Amazing Benefits of Wheat Germ Oil

The Top 10 Supplements for Men Over 40

Learn Everything About Lecithin and When You Should Take It

Foods and Everyday Life

20 Amazing Superfoods that Will Help You Sleep Better

10 Awesome Breakfast Spinach Smoothies

5 Things You Need To Know About Macronutrients

Are Eggs Good for Constipation?

Good Carbs Vs Bad Carbs – The Ultimate Guide

20 Sugar Free Snacks that Kids Love

Discover 7 Easy Ways to Drastically Reduce Sugar in Your Diet

One Major Side Effect of Heating Food in Plastic Containers in the Microwave

Nutrition and Losing Weight


The One Thing You Must Give Up To Lose Weight

Lose 10lbs in One Week with This 7 Day Meal Plan

How Mindful Eating Can Speed Up Your Weight Loss Goals

The Best “On the Go” Breakfast for Weight Loss

One Daily Trick To Help You Lose Weight

10 Takeaways You Can Eat And Still Lose Weight

10 Breakfast Recipes Which Help Reduce Belly Fat

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