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Find the Perfect Student Blog Post Ideas

Looking for topics to write about in a student blog? Whether you’re starting out with your blog or are stuck for ideas, find tips and tricks so you never run out of blog post ideas again.

Top Tips for Finding Topics For Your Student Blog:

1.) If you are a student, you are a source for ideas:

What issues have you struggled with while studying? What questions did you type into Google? It’s likely that other students will search for the answers to questions that you have already found the answers to. You have a unique perspective. Make it easy for other students and give them what they are looking for.

2.) Listen to what your fellow students are talking about.

What do your friends and peers talk about? What questions do they ask you? If you are giving them answers verbally, why not write what you are saying down for others to read? Other students are also a source of wisdom, what can you learn from discussions with them?

2.) Who are the students you know? What are their lives like? What challenges do they face? How old are they?

A follow up to point 2, but look at the students you know and think about the unique challenges they face to give you ideas to write about. Are there mature students on your course? What money issues do different students face? Are there students with specific challenges such as homesickness, debt, relationship issues, time management and too much partying? What can you write that may help people with these issues? What resources and other websites can you direct them to?

3.) Look on social networks.

What information are students requesting in Facebook groups and other networks, for guidance or advice? Providing solutions to the questions they are posting on social networks can make interesting blog topics as well.

4.) Don’t forget Google.

How many times have you googled an answer to a question? Guess what, other people do that too. And Google will actually tell you what people are looking for.
Do a google search for subjects that you have an interest in. You will find many google searches will show a box like the one below, giving specific questions of what other people are typing into the search engine:

5.) Think Local

Students are always keen to find out the ins and outs of the places in which they are studying. Where to go, where to eat, best cafes to study in, where the student friendly bars are. If you are a student in one of these areas or have the lowdown, write about it. Potential and current students will google questions that you can answer. The other thing to think of is that there may be students who are coming to study from abroad who would appreciate their questions answered in a blog post as well.

6.) Save Students Money and Time

Time saving and money saving posts are some of the most popular ones on the internet and students are no exception to the general population, they like to save money and time. Perhaps even more so than other people. Think about all the time they need to study and the issues with money students specifically face.

If you can spin a blog post to help with either of these areas, it could appeal to a much wider range of people.

7.) Current Trends and Events

The student calendar is peppered with events you can write about. For example, the first week at college, exam time, graduation, fieldwork, Spring break (for US students) and lots more that will be specific to where you study.

8.) Write what you’re interested in or what you know about?

One of the challenges of blogging is to keep up the passion and motivation to keep writing. One of the best ways to do that is to make sure you are really passionate or interested in what you are writing about.

Writing about what you know also has the added advantage of being able to write and blog much more quickly. If you find topics for your student blog that you already have an indepth knowledge of and people are searching for you have a winning topic. It cuts out the time and need to research before you write.

I hope these tips have been helpful. Find below 80 blog topic ideas to give you inspiration and get you started.

80 Topic Ideas for Student Blogs

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