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Struggling to think of food blog post ideas? Fix writer’s blog immediately. Discover:

  • 5 ways to come up with a multitude of your own blog post ideas in a few minutes
  • 79 unique food blog post ideas with titles which you can start on right away.

5 Ways to Come Up With Blog Post Ideas Quickly

1.) Use Google Search

Open the Google Search engine and type in a search term. Google will complete the search term with popular ideas that users are searching for. In the following example, I typed “broccoli recipes for a” and Google completed my search term a multitude of topic ideas. Repeat the search by replacing the letter “a” with other letters from the Internet.

2.) Use The “People Always Ask” Box

Open the Google search and look for for topics that you are interested in writing in. Most Google searches now come up with a “People Always Ask” box. This box gives you questions and search terms that people are typing into Google.

For example, I searched for “chocolate cake recipe”. The box below appeared in the search results. This gives inspiration for a new blog post title. For example,  The Best Moist Chocolate Cake Recipe or 3 Most Popular Cake Flavors for A Birthday Cake.

3.) Identify Trending Topics

When thinking of blog post ideas, it helps to think about the current climate and trends. In 2023, the cost of living crisis is set to continue. This will have an impact on how people cook and eat. With many people looking to reduce their food budget, cost effective cooking and recipes will be popular. To save on energy costs, blog post on cooking with airfryers, slow cookers and the microwave are likely to be in demand.

Although some people will continue to eat out, others are likely to cut the cost of eating. Posts on fakeaways and saving money on dining out are also great ideas.

Climate change is also at the front of many people’s mind so local food, recipes cooked with local ingredients, sustainability and zero waste cooking are other topics that are likely to trend.

To get some more ideas for 2023 blog posts, a great idea is to Google food trends. Here is what I found from Google: 

2023 Food Trends

Airfryer recipes
Slow Cooker recipes
Batch cooking (saving time and money)
Microwave recipes
Plant proteins
Dates (and their nutritional value)
Plant based pasta
Solo dining
Non alcoholic spirits and cocktails
Local food
Sustainability and food
Eating out for less
Zero waste cooking
Foraging and cooking
Plant based diet
Vegan recipes

4.) Pinterest

Pinterest is popular with bloggers and a great way to get ideas.

If you open Pinterest and search for a term in the search box, you will see some colored boxes underneath the search box which can gives further words for search term ideas.

I searched for “Batch cooking recipes”. As you can see underneath, there are some keywords which you can use for niche blog post ideas. One of the words is keto so a possible blog post could be How To Batch Cook 10 Keto Meals In Under 2 Hours.

5.) Related Search Box

Another awesome thing Google does that’s super useful for food blog post ideas is the related search box. This is normally found at the bottom of the Google search page and tells you other search terms people are looking for.

In the example below I typed “recipes with courgettes” into Google. Google gave me the following related search terms. Some could make great food blog posts. What about “5 Quick and Easy Mediterranean Courgette Recipes”.

79 Blog Post Ideas

Find below 79 blog post ideas to give you inspiration. The blog posts are on niche topics people are searching that should have less competition from other bloggers.

You can amend and change the titles to suit your own cooking talents, knowledge areas and interests.

Air Fryer and Slow Cooker Recipes

The Best Mug Cakes for the Air Fryer
Air Fryer Yoghurt Chicken
How to make Air Fryer Waffles in 5 Easy Steps
How To make an Omelet in the Air Fryer (and clean up quickly)
Slow Cooker Recipes that Fussy Kids will Love
10 Slow Cooker Recipes for a Buffet
Easy Slow Cooker Recipes for Diabetics

Local Food

The Best Organic Food Grown in (place name)
Three foods That You Can Forage in (place name) in August
The Best Farmer Markets in (place name)

Food From Around the World

3 Sweet and Savory (French) Baking Recipes
A Healthy Korean Breakfast Recipe You Can Cook in 5 Minutes
10 Recipes from the North of Italy
15 Foods You Need to Try from (place name)
5 Amazing Recipes for Australia Day
Spaghetti Bolognese Vs Ragu
Indian Foods that Help with Weight Loss

Family And Food

How to Batch Cook for the Whole Family for Only $30 a week
10 Cheap Meals to Make and Freeze
Pizza Toast – A Super Easy Lunch for Teens
5 Quick, Easy and Cheap Meals To Teach Your Child Before College
10 Retro Foods That Kids Will Eat in 2023
Batch Make 10 Kids Lunches in 20 Minutes.
How One Mom Cooks 7 Family Dinners To Freeze in Just One Hour


How to Bake a Chocolate Cake in 5 minutes
10 Amazing Baking Hacks I’ve Learned From ….
.Scones Vs Cookies – Which are the best?
5 Tips for Freezing Cupcakes
10 Amazing Must-Try Sugar Free Cakes


The Best Thin Pancake Recipe Without Eggs
30 Things To Cook in May (or another month)
20 Weird (Christmas/Easter) Foods from Around the World
How to Make (Christmas/Thanksgiving) Dinner for 6 People for Under… (amount of money)
5 Easy Christmas dinner Mistakes (and how to avoid them).
5 Easy No Bake Summer Desserts
Tips To Use Autumn Vegetables In Your Cooking
3 Alternatives To Christmas Dinner
How to Make the Perfect Mashed Potato for (Thanksgiving/Christmas)
Quick and Easy Spooky Desserts for a Halloween Party
Winter Lunch Ideas to Entertain Friends

Food and Diet Restrictions

20 Easy Gluten-Free Recipes
Paleo Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe
The Best Vegetarian Batch Cookbook – A Review
10 Best Vegetarian Protein Smoothies For Weight Loss
5 Amazing Dinner Recipes with Dates
5 Vegan Curry Recipes without Coconut Milk
10 Pasta Alternatives You Need to Try
Keto Diet Vs Paleo
Paleo Grocery Checklist For Newbies
10 Dinner Ideas that Work for Vegetarians and Meat Eaters
7 Great Recipes with Green Tomatoes
The Best Tinned Food Recipe Cook book

Food Blog with Specific Foods

An Easy Ube Ice Cream Recipe Anybody Can Make
5 Benefits of Eating Kelp
Avocado Oil – How to Include It In Your Recipes
The Best Tinned Fish Recipes to Try This Week
Teriyaki Salmon Bowl Recipe
5 Best Coconut Smoothies
5 Vegetarian Breakfast Casserole Ideas
Stuffed Date Recipes That Are Easy to Make
5 Mocktails Made With Cranberries
Cooking Tips for Asparagus

Easy Recipes

5 Ingredient Chicken and Mushroom Soup
Easy Sticky Sesame Chicken With Fried Rice
10 Lazy One Pot Meals (Cook in Under 20 Minutes)

Sustainability and the Environment

How to Get Rid of Cooking Oil Properly
20 Zero Waste Snacks for Kids
5 Recipes to Use Food Scraps
12 Easy To Grow Foods For Beginners
How to Grow Herbs At Home
A Guide To Reducing Food Waste With Food Apps

General Ideas

Best Hacks from 10 Top Food Bloggers
10 Amazing Gifts for 12 Year Olds Who Like to Cook
5 Awesome Cooking Utensils for the Microwave Which Save Time
Pizza Topping Ideas With Egg
10 Food Apps to Use for Free Food
How To Cook Dorm Room Meals Without a Microwave
Is Risotto the Perfect Date Night Recipe?
10 Unusual Foods To Try Before You Die
100 Food Art Ideas
The Best Food Blogs for College Students