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How To Find Health and Wellness Blog Post Ideas

Looking for ideas of health and wellness topics to write about for your blog? Look no further. In this article we tell you:

  • 5 ways to find hundreds of ideas for your health and wellness blog super quickly.
  • 70 specific blog titles for blog posts you can write today.


Google Health and Wellness Trends for this Year

Google can help with ideas. I Googled health and wellness trends in 2021. In 5 minutes I had hundreds of topic ideas. Here are some I found:

  • Self care at home
  • Mindful and intuitive eating
  • Digital detox
  • Simple skincare routines
  • Talk and walk therapy
  • Flexible goal setting
  • Cold water therapy (cold showers and cold water swimming included)
  • Meditation and meditation apps
  • Drug based therapies
  • Immune boosting nutrition
  • Breathwork
  • Personalised health tools (for example Fitbit / Apple Watch)
  • Postbiotics for gut health
  • Skincare for your scalp
  • Unplugged, slow travel
  • Wild swimming
  • Tik Tok fitness
  • Sleep care
  • Upcycling food – prevent food waste by eating the veggies that will go off first
  • Smart air purifiers
  • Self pleasure as self care
  • Fine fragrance hand sanitizers

These are all trends that for this year, that people are interested in and excited about so make great blog topics.


Google Search Box

Google has a wonderful feature when you search for something. Type the first part of your search term and it will finish it with popular words people actually search for. I typed essential oils and Google gave many more specific terms which could help me put together a blog article.


I could now write a blog post on Discover The 5 Best Essential Oils Which Aid Hair Growth. 

People Also Ask (on Google)

Another handy feature on Google is the “People also ask” feature. When you search for something, Google often provides a list of questions that people are asking in the same category. I Googled “essential oils” and Google gave me the following as part of the search results.

Now you have even more information for a blog post idea. What about 5 Surprising Essential Oils That Promote Hair Thickness

Related Search Box

Another convenient thing that Google does is have a related search box. If you scroll down to the end of the search results page, you will notice even more search terms that people write into Google.

Again you can use these search terms for even more blog topic ideas. For example, The Ultimate Guide to Mixing Essential Oils for Hair Growth


Pinterest is another source of inspiration for blog posts. Like Google it has a search box where it completes search terms for you:

It will also come back with pins that reveal what other people are creating. Obviously, you don’t want to copy what other pinners are writing but it gives lots of insight for your own blog posts.

70+ Health and Wellness Blog Post Ideas

To get you started, here are over 70 blog post ideas. You can take the title and just write the post straight away. Or adapt the titles for your blog niche, strengths and passions.

Mental Health

The Best Breathwork App: It Will Change Your Life

11 Proven Ways to Beat Intrusive Thoughts

7 Astonishing Lessons I Learned From Beating Anxiety (or other health condition eg depression/ insomnia)

The Best Meditation Classes (or retreats) in (place name)

Shamanic Breathwork Training: Everything You Need to Know

9 Amazing Foods to Fight Depression

Postpartum Depression in Men: Why It Exists and What to do About It

7 Brilliant Ways to Boost Mental Health While Working From Home

The 5 Best Essential Oils for Meditation

10 Quick and Easy Breathing Exercises for Anxiety (you can do today)

Transendental Meditation Vs Vipassana : Which is Best

Nutritional Health

Food and nutrition are vital for health and wellness. Check out some ideas for posts:

Best Cooking Apps for Beginners in 2021

10 Convenient Foods Which Keep You Hydrated

11 Food Hacks that Will Change Your Life

How to Boost Your Gut Health

12 Handy Healthy Eating Cheat Sheets

One Amazing Food that Can Help You Fight Sugar Cravings

5 Reasons A Vegan Diet is Better Than a Meat-Eating Diet

7 Reasons We Love Chia Seeds

What Everybody Ought To Know About Fish Oil


3 Daily Abs The Exercise I Do That Make a Difference

A Review of The Best Yoga Mats With Alignment Lines

The Best Cardio Workouts With No Jumping

5 Summer Body Goals That You Can Achieve in 5 Weeks

The Only 15 Yoga Workout You’ll Ever Need

5 Daily Cardio Workouts Proven to Help 10 Pounds in 5 Weeks

20 Proven Benefits of Walking 45 Minutes Every Day

The Amazing Workout That Makes You Lose Weight Without Changing your Diet

The Little Known Benefits of Strength Training Workouts for Women Over 50

Yoga Vs Pilates – Which is Best for You and Why

10 Best Resistances Stretches With a Band for Legs and Hips


The Best Sleeping Position For Anxiety

How Much Sleep Does a 40 Year Old Need: Everything you need to know

10 Powerful Ways To Cure The Effects of Sleep Deprivation

A Quick Way to Fall Back to Sleep When You Wake Up at 2am

5 Proven Yoga Routines That Help You Sleep

5 Relaxing Meditations To Help You Sleep Quickly

Insomnia: 3 Techniques to Help You Sleep in Under 5 Minutes

Eliminate these 5 Foods To Cure Sleep Apnea

7 Science-Backed Breathing Exercises To Boost Your Sleep.

7 Little Known Steps to Fall Asleep When It’s hot

Digital Detox

I Did a Digital Detox for 1 Week: It Changed My Life

7 Proven Ways to Conquer Screen Addiction

15 Fun Ways to Digital Detox You’re Going to Love

10 Best Quotes on Digital Minimalism

How to Break Social Media Addiction by Eliminating These 5 Habits

Self Care

25 Journal Prompts for Self Growth

15 Ways to Say No and Not Feel Guilty

How I Learned to Love Being On My Own (and you can as well)

Stop People Pleasing Forever in 3 Steps

10 Powerful Ways To Ask For What You Want

Best Self Care Gifts for Women

The Best Gratitude Journal for Men (a Review)

7 Unique Massage Tools for Your Neck and Back

5 Relaxing Bath Bombs You Should Treat Yourself to

The Best Books That Teach You How To Not Care What Others Think

Nature and the Outdoors

Walking Outdoors Vs The Treadmill: Which is Best and Why

One Powerful Way to Motivate Yourself to Walk When You Don’t Feel Like It

Where to Watch the Sunrise By You

10 Fun Winter Outdoor Activities for Adults

5 Spring Outdoor Activities that Will Boost your Mental Health

Outdoor Meditation Space Ideas You Will Love

The Instant Guide to Tree Meditation

The Best Outdoor Exercises Classes This Summer in (place name near you)

Who Else Wants to Learn About Star Gazing?

Review Of the Best Picnic Blankets With Waterproof Backing

Relationships and Connection

How to Make Friends In your (20s, 30s, 40s etc)

7 Simple Ways to Connect with Your Partner When You Have Young Children

The 5 Differences Between Friendship and Love

How to Connect with Friends On a Deeper Level

The Times When You Should Talk and Connect With People You Don’t Know

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