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So you’re looking for lifestyle blog ideas. Perhaps it’s for your first lifestyle blog post or you may be an established blogger. Whatever level of blogging you’re at, never be stuck for an idea again. In this post we look at:

  • how to use Google to get ideas for blog posts.
  • how to use Amazon to get ideas for blog posts
  • Other sources
  • 80 lifestyle blog post ideas with Titles you can start right away

How to use Google to get blog post ideas

Google is an amazing source of inspiration. When you start typing a search phrase into the Google Search box, Google will complete your search with phrases that other people have typed in.

For example, I typed “the best makeup” into the Google Search box. Google completed my phrase with many popular search terms. These are phrases that people are searching for.

How to Use Amazon To Get Blog Post Ideas

Another great tool to get blog post ideas is Amazon. Perhaps you want to write an article about health and fitness on your lifestyle blog. Go to Amazon and do a quick search for books about health. Then use the Look inside function to see the table of contents and get some amazing ideas.

I did a search for some books and came across the 4 Hour Body by Tim Ferris. I clicked on the Look Inside button….

and found the table of contents which had tons of ideas of topics for blog articles.

5 Other Sources To Help You Find Blog Post Ideas

Here are some fantastic websites for getting ideas when you’re stuck on what to write:

1.) – This is an amazing resource. Just type in one or two words and it uses data from Google to find the questions and search terms people are typing into Google around this topic.

2.) General Forums – there are so many forums where people ask questions. These include quora, reddit, yahoo – these are a tremendous source of information. Quora is particularly good. Start by typing the topics you want to write about and you will find questions you can turn into blog posts.

3.) Ideas from Print- Do you read magazines and newspapers? Reading and making notes on the type of content they are writing about is a fun way to get ideas for your own blog posts.

4.) People You Know – what are your friends and family talking about? Do they ever ask you for advice? What kinds of questions are they asking. It’s often worth taking a notepad with you and writing the kinds of conversations you are having and what people are asking you. If you can answer their questions you can turn this information into blog posts.

5.) Ubersuggest  – This is a very useful website made by the expert in blogging Neil Patel. Type in one or two keywords and it gives you lots of information and links from competitors’ blogs on the same topic for more inspiration.

6.) Social Media – there is a wealth of information on your social media sites. For example, what questions are people asking on Facebook groups? Can you turn these questions into lifestyle blog posts? What are your friends and family posting about and asking?

80 Lifestyle Blog Posts for 2021

Here are 80 lifestyle blog posts in lots of different categories to give you inspiration and get you started. Start with the blog post title and just get writing. Or adapt the title for your blog. Or just use the blog post titles for some inspiration.

Home Decor and Cleaning

People have spent more at home in 2021. This has led to a boom in DIY, interior design and home decor. Posts in these areas are perfect for lifestyle blogs.

10 Easy Ways to Improve the Hallway In Your Rented accommodation

How to Transform Your Front Door on a Budget

5 Interior Designers Who You Need To Follow on Instagram

8 Secret Hacks that Interior Designers Know (And You Should Too)

5 Effortless Ways to Make Sure Your Bathroom is Always Super Clean

How to Clean Your Walk-In Shower in 5 Mins (every time!)

The Simple Way To Always Have A Clean Fridge

Fed Up Of Cleaning? These 20 Cleaning Hacks Will Prevent Your House from Getting Dirty.

Home Decor in 2021. 11 Simple Ways to Stay on Trend on a Budget

10 Ways To Make Your Home Smell Amazing.


Our relationships have changed during the pandemic. We have spent lots more time at home with our families and this has left many people ending relationships or getting divorced. We have missed our friends and now lockdown is easing we are looking for ways to connect with people outside our immediate families. Zooming on online connection is still a thing as we live a new life after lockdown.

Newly Single? How to Fall in Love With Life Again.

5 Amazing Date Night Ideas When You Are Tired After Work

Fatigued of Your Partner After Lockdown? 10 Ways to Put the Sparkle Back Into Your Relationship

10 Ways To Connect With Your Friends During (and After) a Pandemic

11 Ways Introverts Can Get the Best out of Zoom Calls

Long Distance Love. 10 Unique Ways to Make It Work

Astrolove. The dating trend sounds crazy but is there something in it?

Career, Business and Working from Home

2021 has been a big year for working at home. It’s also been a big year for starting side hustles, leaving old jobs and beginning new careers and business. Think of posts you could write to help people in these kinds of areas.

10 Best Standing Desks for Home Working.

10 Side Hustles Which Are Easy to Start in the Beauty Industry

Bored with home working? 10 Easy ways to supercharge your workday and complete all your tasks in half the time.

How To Stand Out in an Online Interview

12 Niche Business Ideas that will Skyrocket Your Income in 2021

5 Ways You Can Start a New Career When You Can’t Leave Your Old Job

10 Work Habits That Will Drastically Improve Your Job Prospects

Why Doing Your Best Work in the Morning Will Change Your Life for the Better


Eco friendly and organic beauty products are hot topics in 2021. Many people have scaled-down their beauty products during lockdown but may want to indulge in beauty again now that lockdowns are easing.

5 Best Eco Friendly Make-Up Products

The 10 Beauty Products I Eliminated During Lockdown (and why you should too)

3 Painless Ways to Pluck Your Eyebrows

How to Get Super Shiny Hair With No Extra Effort

Eliminate this One Food to Get Rid of Acne for Good

The Fringe! It’s back in 2021. Here’s Why You Should Get One.

The 10 Beauty Tips You Need to know After 40 (or 20, 30, 50, 60 etc)

11 Trendy Rubber Band HairStyles

Do you specialise in beauty blogging? Find 101 more beauty blog post ideas. 

Entertaining the Kids and Parenting

The kids have also been at home a lot in the past year. Poss to help with homeschooling have been very useful. As lockdowns ease, we are looking for novel ways to entertain the kids as we have done so little in the past year (except walking!!)

10 Handy Tips to Have the Best Day Out at (theme park, attraction near you)

12 Exciting Outdoor Adventures To Experience With Your (Teenager, Toddler, Tween)

How To Continue Being Involved In Your Child’s Educations When You’ve Stopped Homeschooling

7 Weekend Breaks Your Teenagers will Love

10 Simple Ways to Improve Your Child’s Reading Skills without a Battle

10 Ways To Entertain Your Kids Virtually When You’re Working From Home

Internet Support for New Moms. Which are the Best Sites?

5 Best Wireless Breast Pumps in 2021

10 Tips to Stop Being An Overprotective Parent and Raise Independent Kids

Hobbies And Gardening

Many people have started new hobbies during the pandemic. Crafts, DIY and gardening have become very popular. People may be looking for outdoor hobbies and adventures to avoid the risks of getting Covid. Making money out of hobbies has always been a popular topic.

The Best 10 Places for Kayaking Near You (you could replace kayaking with pretty much any hobby here)

11 Ways to Turn Your Photography Hobby Into a Money Making Business (again place photography with the hobby of your choice)

The Best Garden Gloves With Claws (great for digging, pruning and planting)

7 Best Christmas Gifts for People Who Love to Knit (replace knit with another hobby)

10 DIY Small Vegetable Garden Ideas

Short On Outdoor Space? How To Create a Vertical Garden in 2021

Health and Exercise

During the pandemic, many people have moved away from the gym and started walking, hiking and running as well as other outdoor activities. Some others have gained some weight from being at home so much – so will want to get back into shape.

10 Effortless Ways to Lose the Post Lockdown Pounds

Yoga Vs Pilates? Which One is Most Beneficial for You?

The 10 Best Running Watches for New Runners

How to Start Running with your Dog

5 Best Exercise Classes You Can do Outdoors

Strava Vs Apple Workout. Which is Best?

Top 5 Best Hydration Packs for Running

How to Start Yoga and Meditation at Home

Food and Cooking

2021 has seen an increase in professionals and families looking for meal kits when cooking. Some other trends in the cooking world are vegan cuisine and organic foods. Also, virtual cooking lessons have become popular.

The Simple Way to Increase Your Energy by What You Consume (it’s not what you think)

The Top 5 Meal kits for Working Mums (or 20somethings, college students, Working Dads etc)

Organic Foods Vs Processed Foods? Is there such a big difference?

Virtual Cooking Classes. Why It’s the Best Investment You Will Make This Year

12 Vegan Burgers that Meat Eaters Will Love

Why Your Freezer Is Your Best Friend in the Kitchen.

5 Top Superfoods Recommended By Nutritionists

Why Drinking More Water Will Seriously Improve Your Life

Seaweed – 5 Reasons Why It Should Be In Your Diet

5 Bulgarian Food Recipes You Should Try Out This Year


Another thing we have seen during lockdown is an increase in pet ownership. If you have a pet or are experienced in that area, why not write an article on your lifestyle blog about our furry friends.

Back to Work? 11 Ways To Help Your Dog Cope with the Transition

11 Ways To Motivate Yourself to Walk the Dog (When You Just Don’t Feel Like it)

Doggy Daycare vs Dog Walkers? The Pros and Cons.

10 Best Cat Trackers in 2021

The Best Cat Tree For Scratching.

Oh no, my Fish Just Had Babies! What You Need to Know.

15 Reasons My Rat is the Best Pet I Ever Had


Many people have been able to save money during 2021 as they have had fewer costs. Others may be in the opposite situation and need to be frugal and cut their outgoings as their incomes have drastically fallen.

Save $85 a month from Your Grocery Bill (over $1000 dollars a year)

10 Ways to Earn an Extra $20 Dollars a Week (over $1000 dollars a year!)

Top 10 Blogs About Money that Will Change Your Life

10 Ways You Are Stopping Yourself From Receiving Money (and what to do about it)

Debt isn’t bad. 5 Perspectives On Debt that Will Change Your Money Mindset

The Barefoot Investor by Scott Pape: How this book Transformed My Life

Saving vs Spending – 10 Times Where Spending Your Money Beats Saving It

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