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So, you have a personal development blog and you need blog post ideas? Do not worry! We have you sorted. Find 73 blog topics complete with killer titles that will attract the readers you want. You can use the titles as they are or adapt and change them to suit the topic of your blog posts.

As well as the article titles there are many tips and tricks to help you find inspiration for your next personal development blog post.

Time Management Tips

Many people have a hard time managing their time. There are so many angles you can take your blog topic is time management. Here are a few categories:

General Productivity

  • 10 Time Saving Tips from Professional Cleaners that Will Save You 1 Hour Every day
  • Simple Goal Setting: How I Set 1 Goal in 10 Minutes and Changed My Life
  • How Writing Just 1000 Words a Day Leads to A Book in 3 Months
  • Here’s a Quick Way to Demolish Your To Do List
  • 7 Office Productivity Myths That Don’t Work (and what you should do instead)

Saying No

Saying no is one of the most important life skills to learn. Many people take on too much responsibility and have people who overstep their boundaries because they find it difficult to say no. There are many blog post ideas you can write about saying no:

  • 10 Reasons Saying No Will Improve Your Life
  • How to Say No When You Find It Difficult
  • How To Say No Without Feeling Guilty
  • How To Say No To Your Boss / Husband / Friends / Parent


Eliminating things we no longer need or want in our lives can help us have more time to focus on the things we are passionate about. Here are some ideas about blog topic posts on elimination.

  • 15 Reasons Your Life is Better When You Eliminate Social Media
  • How Decluttering One Possession Every Day Drastically Improved My Life
  • Eliminate These 10 Distractions And Complete Your Work Day in 90 Minutes
  • The Ultimate Productivity Hack Is To Focus On Project Only.

Morning Routine

  • 5 Habits Successful People Have to Start and Win the Day
  • 10 Green Morning Smoothies To Give Your Brain a Boost
  • How to Get Up When the Alarm Goes Off
  • Do these 5 Minute Tasks Every Evening To Reclaim 60 Minutes The Morning After


Many people suffer from depression, anxiety and have other mental health problems. We all often live from a place of fear instead of excitement. Here are some article ideas on mindset to inspire you.

Positive Mindset

  • How to Squash These Five Common Negative Thought Patterns
  • How A Positive Mindset Helped Me Lose 7lbs in a Week
  • 10 Ways to Raise Your Vibration When You’re Feeling Low
  • 10 Gratitude Habits that Will Drastically Improve Your Life
  • Fixed Mindset Vs Growth Mindset – How to Know What Yours Is

Making Decisions

  • 12 Lessons On Making Decisions from Successful People
  • Stop Overthinking: How Calming the Mind Can Make Decisions Super Easy
  • How To Decide Between Two Jobs

Courage / Comfort zone

  • 7 Ways to Get Out of Your Comfort Zone Socially
  • 12 Things You Should Do Every Day To Live Fearlessly
  • How to Overcome the Fear of Driving
  • How This Powerful Technique Helped Me Conquer My Fear Of Public Speaking
  • 10 Controversial Ways to Crush the Fear of Failure
  • 15 Powerful Lessons to Learn From Failure

Overthinking and Worry

  • Little Known Ways to Crush Anxiety and Live Without Worry
  • Let me Show You The Secret of How To Let Go Of Worrying and Control
  • The 10 Minute Solution for Getting Your Thoughts Under Control


  • 5 Fantastic Benefits from Meditating for 20 Minutes Every day
  • Meditation: What To Do if You Fall Asleep

Money, Career and Business

Money is a big personal development topic. Readers are always interested in how to save and make more dollars. Part of this is improving career prospects and/or developing your own business.

  • Passive Income Vs Active Income. Everything You Need To Know.
  • How To Boost Your Finances in One Day
  • 15 Powerful Warren Buffet Quotes To Improve Your Finances
  • You’re in Debt. Learn Why Debt Is Actually A Good Thing.
  • I Stopped Worrying About Money. You Should Too. Here’s Why.
  • The Exciting 10 Day Challenge to Earn an Extra $500
  • Get Rid of Money Worries Once and For All


  • 9 Easy Steps To Improve Your Career Prospects
  • 20 Strategies to Avoid Work Related Burnout
  • 15 Ways to Outperform the Competition
  • Master these 5 Strategies To Manage Conflict In the Workplace
  • How to Get a Pay Rise With One 10 Minute Conversation
  • The 80/20 Guide To Being a Better Boss

How To Start Your Own Business

  • How to Start Your Own Business With No Money
  • Get Your Side Hustle Up and Running in 30 Minutes Every Day for 4 Weeks
  • 30 Tried and Tested Tips To Starting Your Own Business When You Still Have a Job


Our life consists of subconscious habits. A powerful way to change our lives is to work on what we do habitually. Here are some themed article ideas on habits.

Small Steps

  • The Cumulative Effect – How Small Positive Habits Every Day Change Your Life
  • How to Deal With Overwhelm With Tiny Steps and Ultimately Achieve Massive Growth
  • The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy : How This Book Improved My Life 100%

Better Habits

  • Eleven Powerful Habits To Boost Your Energy In Under 5 Minutes Every Day
  • 7 Awesome Apps to Help You Achieve Your Goals This Year
  • Change this One Habit and Lose 70 Pounds This Year (with no extra effort)
  • 21 Mind-blowing Facts That Will Make You Change Your Sleep Habits From Today


Creativity is another hot personal development topic. Creating better art, work, habits and lives can all make interesting personal development blog posts.

  • 15 Ways to Be Creative When You Don’t Feel Inspired
  • How to Improve Your Financial Situation by Unleashing Your Creative Side
  • Why Journaling is a Quick Way to Inspire Creativity
  • How Deleting Social Media Can Have a Massive Effect On Your Creativity
  • Creativity Vs Hard Work – Which one Rules?


Relationships affect every aspect of our work and home life. What kind of articles can you write to help people develop better relationships with the key people who surround them?

  • Do This For 10 Minutes Every Day to Become a Better Parent (or Partner, Daughter etc)
  • I Don’t Regret My Divorce. But Here’s What I’d Do Differently.
  • Break All The Rules and Find the Perfect Life Partner
  • How To Deal With Difficult People and Protect Your Energy.

Health and Exercise

Our health underpins everything we do. If you like to write about health, here are some article ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

  • Are You Secretly Afraid of the Gym? 10 Secrets to Know To Overcome Your Fear
  • Five Quick and Easy Breakfast Ideas To Boost Your Immune System
  • How I Found Out that Yoga Was The Best Medicine
  • How To Survive Your First 5K Run
  • 15 Minute One Pot Recipes That Will Boost Your Health And Save You Money

Inspiration for Finding Personal Development Blog Ideas

What Questions are People Asking?

People are typing search terms into Google all the time asking self help questions. If only you knew what they are typing in. Then you can answer their question in a blog post…

Wait…you can…

Start typing a question into Google and you find that Google finishes your question with other words people have typed in…

Have a go. Start typing in questions and see what answers come up to inspire you.

The Question Box

Another way Google can help is when you do a Google search, often a question bar pops up telling you popular questions people are asking about this topic:

Google also helps with the related search box. If you scroll down to the bottom of the search results you will see a related search box with other search terms people have typed in.

Forums and Social Media

Another place to get ideas are forums such as Reddit and Quora. People are always asking questions there about personal development topics and it’s a great source of information.

Also, don’t forget the problems and issues your friends and family are talking about on social media. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn can all be significant sources of article inspiration.

What Have You Searched For?

Many of my most popular articles have been on topics I’ve searched for myself on Google but found little or no information. I’ve then researched to answer my problem and written a blog post about it. This kills two birds with one stone. You find a solution for your own problem and write a killer blog article to help other people.

Write What You Know and Are Passionate About

Sometimes the best articles are on the stuff that you know and are passionate about. The best thing about these kinds of articles is that you can write from the heart and it takes less time because you don’t have to do much research.

Think about challenges you’ve had in the past. How have you dealt with them. Can your story as a blog post inspire other people who have the same problems.

Talk to People

Another substantial source of inspiration is to talk to people. What kinds of challenges are your friends facing? What do people talk about? Can you write a blog post to solve their problems? You can even share it with them and get your first reader!