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Do you want to write amazing blog post titles in a few minutes or less? It’s certainly possible.

A blog post title needs to do two things:

1.) Entice a reader to click through and read.

2.) Rank in the top listings in the search engine results (this is unless you get most of your traffic from referrals or social media)

A blog post title is important, so it’s easy to spend a vast amount of time trying to write the perfect heading. This needn’t be the case. Read on for 11 tricks to write a catchy blog post title in no time at all.

1.) Use a Numbered Heading.

What do I mean by a numbered heading?

List titles with a number such as

10 Tips to Become Better Writer
15 Ways to Help kids with their homework
Top 10 vacuum cleaners in 2021

Numbered headings are great because they give you a structured article with little effort. After you’ve come up with a heading, Just think of 10 (or whatever number you’ve picked) subheadings and your article will almost write itself.

Headings with numbers convert. People click and share them. Studies have shown that headlines with numbers generate 73% more social shares and engagement*.

Interestingly, studies also show people click on headlines with odd numbers more often than even-numbered titles. The Content Marketing Institute reports that headings with numbers have a 20% higher click-through rate*.

*Source :

Having said this, don’t get too hung up on whether to use an even or an odd number. People also like lists that end in 0 such as 10, 20, 50. Experiment and see what works for your site. Maybe both!

2.) Have a List of Formulaic Titles that Work.

As well as numbered posts, there are many other formulaic titles that rank on Google and are more likely to get click-throughs.

These are the types of headers that I use for the majority of my blog posts:

How to post
Think how often you type “how to…” into Google. People like “how to posts” because it gives them an immediate solution to their problem.

A Review Post
People also search for reviews. Can you review a book, product, service or event? Your title is then easy. A Review Of….

A Comparison Post
Many of us turn to Google to compare two items, services or events. This is especially true if you’re going to buy something. For example:
Razor scooters vs Micro Scooters
WordPress vs Weebly
The best cardiovascular workout? CrossFit Or Hiit?

The Best / Top Products
Many people are looking for the best something when they search on Google. This is especially true when they are purchasing something. If they see a title matching what they’ve typed into the search engine, it’s more likely they click through.

Ways to…
Similar to the “how to” post, the “ways to…” post gives people a potential solution to their problems which is often what people want when searching the Internet. Ways to posts are often numbered. For example, “10 Ways to Make Money During A Pandemic.”

A Guide To….
Guide posts are very informative. They are also similar to “how to” and “ways to” posts. For example “The Ultimate Guide To Finding Work in a Pandemic”

3.) Have a Benefit for the Reader.

People may be interested in your article topic, but if the title also gives a benefit from reading the article, it’s an extra reason for a potential reader to click through.

When you’re writing an article think about what your reader ultimately wants?
Often they want to save money or time? Perhaps they want to improve their confidence, career or health. It could be your article will contribute to a home or living space improvement? What benefit can they get from reading your article?

Here are some ideas of article titles with a benefit:

How to Give Up Sugar and Never Have Another Filling Again
10 Public Speaking Tips to Give Killer Presentations at Work.
5 Exercises To Get Rid of the Bingo Wings
5 Tips to give Up Your Phone Addiction and Reclaim More Time.
11 Amazing Gifts that Will Make Your Partner Love You Forever
The WordPress Plugins You Need To Save Hours of Time.

Not every article title has to have a benefit. However, it’s an excellent technique to use when you can. They make blog post titles more clickable.

4.) Check out Similar Articles.

If you ever stuck for ideas, have a quick Google search and check out similar articles to get inspiration.

Obviously don’t copy their titles, but it may be enough to get your brain juice following and think up surprising ideas of your own.

5.) Let Go of Perfection.

There have been many times when I’ve obsessed over finding the perfect title. But in the end, it’s okay to settle for good enough.

Taking too much time finding the perfect title means less time writing blog posts that will help your readers.

It’s better to get the article published rather than procrastinate on hitting the publish button because the title isn’t perfect.

You can always come back and tweak the title later on if inspiration hits. It’s not set in stone.

6.) Use Word Lists of Nouns and Adjectives.

Write a list of wonderful words to use in your titles. It means you always have some amazing words to pick from. This is very helpful when you are tired at the end of writing a blog post and your brain isn’t working too well.

Word lists are particularly great for formulating numbered posts.

Here are an example list of nouns and adjectives:

(find 53 more catchy words at the end of this article)


Once you have your list, it’s easy to put them together to make some outstanding blog post titles. For example:

7 Amazing Facts About Fish Net Tights
9 Easy Steps to Improve Your Career Prospects
33 Creative Tips to Inspire You to Write
10 Killer Techniques for Sales Success
15 Powerful Lessons to Learn from Failure
5 Brilliant Ways to Lose weight Quickly

You get the idea – with a list of adjectives and nouns you can make engaging blog post titles in no time at all. Scroll down to the end of the article to find more examples of catchy blog titles.

7.) Not All Blog Titles have Bells and Whistles – It’s Okay to Keep It Simple.

Despite my previous points, it’s okay that not all your titles have amazing adjectives and benefits to the reader. Some of my best performing articles are simple titles that just describe the content of the article. They’re titles such as:

10 Ways to Tire Out Your Toddler,
Micro Classic Scooter for Adults Review
11 Eco Friendly Alternatives to Christmas Crackers

None of the above titles have fancy adjectives or amazing benefits to the reader. They’re pretty simple. They do what they say on the tin. Sometimes this is enough to get readers and click throughs. That’s not to say that they couldn’t be improved later on. For example, 10 Easy Ways to Tire Out Your Toddler is perhaps even better. But at the time of writing time was short and I came up with something that was good enough. It ranked and got click throughs.

My point is that you don’t always have to spend time writing amazing titles, sometimes simple works and is good enough.

The titles that do well say exactly what you can expect from reading the articles.

These kinds of titles work the best when there isn’t a huge amount of competition on Google and you are writing about a niche topic.

In summary, you can always start with a simple title and come back and jazz it up later!

8.) See What Titles Work On Your Site and Replicate Them.

Always check your statistics. See what kinds of titles are getting click-throughs and replicate these kinds of titles.

If you have a review site and are getting good traffic for a title formula such as… A “name of product” Review. Write more articles like these.

If you’re finding titles with amazing adjectives and benefits to the reader are working for your content, write more titles like these.

9.) Make Sure Your Title is Niche.

Both your article and title should have a narrow focus. The Internet is packed with content. If you write something generic, it’s not likely it will rank on Google for that term because there will be so much competition from established websites.

For example, if you write a title such as “22 Ways to Make Money”  or “How To Make Money” your article will never rank on Google.

If you change your title and article to be “22 Ways to Make Money with Arduino” or “How To Make Money with Arduino” – you will be in with a shot of ranking.

A niche title and article will work to get traffic on two conditions:

1.) It has to be something people are searching for.
2.) There should be less competition from other sites.

10.) Make sure Your Title Describes Your Content Accurately. Have The Right Keywords.

Your title must reflect the content of your article.

This probably should have been the top tip and it will go without saying for most people. However, it’s worth mentioning because it’s so important.

Consider the keywords people might use to search for your article and make sure you include them in your title.

11.) Keep Titles Concise.

Google will allow 78 characters on mobile, then the rest of your title will be cut off. This is something to bear in mind when writing your heading.


There you have it. Use niche keywords. Don’t stress. Let go of perfection.

Use these tips to try different types of blog post titles. Practice with different descriptive works. Then check your statistics. Check what works and write more titles like these.

Experiment and have fun. Your blog titles can be informative but they can also be your playground.

Catchy Words List

Find 53 more catchy words to use in your blog title.






























































Catchy Titles List

Here are some 31 more examples of catchy titles formulas:

  1. One Amazing Solution (to a problem) You Can Learn in Under 30 Minutes
  2. # Proven Ways (to learn a skill) That Will Change Your Life
  3. 3# Effortless Ways to ……
  4. # Hacks to Supercharge Your …..
  5. The Five Best …..That You Can Get Today
  6. Discover Your Next…..By……
  7. # Secrets Only (group of people) Understand
  8. # Lessons Learned From ….
  9. # Surprising Lessons I Learned the Hard Way When I….
  10. The Smart Guide to…..
  11. # Tips to (skill / habit) Like a Pro
  12. # Incredible Reasons to …..
  13. Eliminate these 5 Mistakes And….
  14. How to Boost Your ….
  15. The Handy Cheat Sheet For….
  16. # Mistakes to Avoid When
  17. The Key Benefits of … Simplified!
  18. The Instant Guide to
  19. # LIttle Known Steps to
  20. How to Get Rid of… and Get More
  21. Why You Should… To Change Your Life Today
  22. Who Else Wants To …
  23. The Amazing Trick That Makes You…
  24. # Ways (something) Is Better Than (something else)
  25. What Everybody Ought To Know About…
  26. # Free Tools That Will (benefit to the reader such as… double your income)
  27. Make Your Own … In Just 20 Minutes
  28. # Problems With… You Should Know About
  29. # Signs You Should…
  30. # Reasons We Love…
  31. The Millionaire Guide to…