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Whether you’re looking for blog examples for an assignment or you want inspiration to start your own student blog, we have 12 blog examples in this article for you.

If you’re looking to start your own blog, my first piece of advice would be to go for it!

When researching blog examples for this post, I was struck by the lack of blogs on a wide variety of topics for students written by students. The best advice comes from the students who are currently experiencing the challenges of being a student. Not from people who were there 20 years ago!

In this article, there are blog examples on lifestyle, money, entrepreneurship, food, beauty, career and fashion – all aimed at students.

Student Lifestyle Blog Examples

There are no rules when starting your student blog. You can have a student blog where you can blog about anything and everything that appeals to you. Here are some excellent examples.

Celeste Lili

Celest Lili is a 20-year-old UC Davis Managerial Economics student. She is a student and lifestyle blogger and under that heading; she shares her knowledge to help other undergraduate students. Her article topics include college hacks, study habits, online side jobs, useful websites and lots more.

Check out

The Jack Experience

Jack is a 20-Year-Old Student in the UK. His website has all kinds of articles for students including exam self-care tips, how to revise and apps for education. He also blogs about fashion, lifestyle and travel.

Jack also has a successful YouTube channel with over 500 000 subscribers and videos with over 1 million views.

Check out his website

Things They Never Told Us

Hannah started a blog when she was a student in the UK. She has written articles about all kinds of topics including health, finance and lifestyle. She has now graduated but has continued to write about adulthood on her blog.

Check out . 

Business Blog Example For Students

Students need money! They also need work and business experience. If you’re interested in business, why not start up a business blog just for other students? Or you can just read about business for students in other blogs to get your own money making ideas.

Dorm Room Biz

If you’re keen to start a side hustle or side business while studying, Dorm Room Biz is a must check out.

Started by Chris Pund in 2005, it’s still going strong. It’s a resource for young student entrepreneurs to learn from and gain information about launching their own business from a dorm room.

It’s a great example for students who want to blog about starting a business.

Check out

College Entreprenuer

College Entrepreneur has articles written by a few different writers. It’s a good example of a blog that you could start with a group of like-minded friends.

Its primary focus is entrepreneurship in college and with articles such as “8 Ways to Generate $5000 a Month In College” and “7 Reasons You Should Start a Social Media Agency in College” there’s great information to dive straight into.

Its focus also covers more general information such as advice on “The Essential Dorm Room Checklist for Guys” and “20 Tweets that Sum Up Life as a College Student”.

Motivational Blogs for Students

College Info Geek

Thomas Frank’s website College Info Geek is very motivational as it gives tons of advice on how to study more effectively. It helps college students study less but still be more productive. His tips don’t just cover studying, he offers concrete advice on everything from doing the laundry, to managing your money to what books to read.

He also has a successful YouTube channel and podcast. 

Check out

Beauty and Fashion Blog Example

High Street Beauty Junkie

Charli is a psychology PHD student based in Cardiff who blogs about beauty and fashion for students. Her articles include reviews of her favorite beauty products. She does an amazing job of featuring lots of great photos of the products and fashion items she reviews which is essential for this type of blog topic.

She also covers other topics including mental health and has bravely written about her eating disorder.

Check out

Money Blogs for Students

Money is often a focus for students. There are many blog posts on how to manage money as a college student and blogs about investing, starting a business and student loans.

I think a real key area that students could blog about is how they manage their money. What tips can you pass on to the average college student looking to make their way through their course on a budget? How do they earn money, spend money, save money and / or invest money? What recipes could you cook on a budget? What kind of fashion, days out, nights out and gifts can students buy when money is a concern?

I couldn’t find a blog for students written by a current student focused on the money topics listed above. Here are two money blogs that I could find:

The College Investor

The College Investor is a website started by Robert Farrington who has been interested in money and investing since the age of 13. He is now an expert in student debt and millennial money.

The College Investor is designed to be the #1 tool to help you get out of student loan debt, learn how to earn more money, understand how to start investing, all so you can build real wealth.


Check out

Broke Millennial

Erin Lowry started the blog Broke Millennial as a resource for college students, recent graduates, and young adults about everything money related.

She has a written a book that focuses on investing for millennials but her blog has tons of tips on topics such as budgeting, handling money in relationships, saving, frugality, book reviews and lots more.

Check out

Around the World and Student Blogs

Many students blog about their travels, their experiences living in a city at college or university or other adventures around the world. Check out a couple of examples below.

Jemma Wei

Jemma Wei is a graduate student based in Singapore. She has been blogging since 2007. Her websites has lots of information about trips she has taken. She has written articles such as the Broke Students Guide to London, New York, Los Angeles, Budapest and many other places. She documents her travels, cheap places to stay and eat. It’s an amazing resource for students who want to travel to the places she has been.

Check out

Channon Gray was a student of anthropology in London. She blogs about a wide variety of topics but her blog posts include a student guide to London and articles such as Things To Do in London on a Student Budget. There is a travel section where she writes about Exploring the USA and a French road trip.

Check out

Food Blog Example

Cooking can challenge students living away from home for the first time. Sharing easy and frugal recipes, grocery shopping tips can be a winner as a student blog topic.

Student Food Blog

The Student Food Blog was started by a group of students at the University of Portsmouth in the UK in 2015. It has now become one of the world’s leading student recipe sites.

There are 100s of recipes that are designed to be easy to follow, cost effective and quick to make.

Check out the

Career Blog Examples

During your time at college you many need to get work experience and at the end of your study time, you may want to build a career. Check out some career style blogs for college students.


Lauren Bergen’s blog Interqueen features guest posts written by current college students and those who have just graduated. The blog contains lots of tips on resumes, getting an internship, digital internships, tips on how to graduate early and lots more.

Lauren Bergen is a keynote speaker and career and internship expert. She speaks to thousands of high school students, college students, and recent grads every year, motivating and inspiring them.

Check out

Bonus Extra Blog Example

Uniquely Mickie

To finish, here’s another student lifestyle blog. Uniquely Mickie covers a host of topics including fashion, travel, blogging, college and fashion. She was a studying to be a pharmacist so there are lots of niche articles for students in pharmacy school too. Mickey has just graduated but is carrying on with her blog. She makes money for her site via various affiliate programs, so she is a great inspiration if you want to make some money from your blogging adventures.

Check out 

What I Learned When Looking for Student Blog Examples

I learned a lot when looking for examples of student blogs. Here is a summary:

1.) The Most Successful Bloggers Continue Writing After College

Having hunted around for blog examples for college students I found many blogs that were abandoned after the writer had finished college. The most successful blogs for college students were ones which had been started when the writer was studying at college but who had continued to write after they’d finished too.

It may be that you just want a blog to experiment with and have fun writing. If that is the case, go for that. But if you want to have a successful student blog, it’s likely that you’ll need to carry on for more than the years you are at college.

You can think about how your blog could adapt as you move through life.

2.) Successful Student Bloggers Often Team Up With Friends

Some of the most successful blogs are those that have teamed up with other college students. This shares the workload, stresses and pressures. Plus, you can get a lot more content out quickly. Consider how you can get friends to contribute to your blog. They could guest post partner with you on your blogging project.

3.) There aren’t that many student blogs written by students.

I was surprised there weren’t more blogs written by students for students. Student blogs are definitely a blogging niche that can be explored by any student willing to have a go.

What Else Should You Know About Starting A Student Blog

1.) You can make some money.

The reason some student bloggers carry on blogging after college is that they are making decent money from their website. Some ways you can make money include:

Affiliate Marketing – Recommend products and services from your website and you can get a commission from the company you are advertising for if you sign up for their affiliate program. Amazon is one of the world’s biggest affiliate programs.

Sales of Your Own Products – if you can create an e course or ebook to sell on your site you can earn money from that. Other ways people make money are through selling downloads such as templates and checklists.

Advertising – you can feature adverts by signing up to Google Ads or other advertising companies. If people click on the ads you can earn money for your site.

Partnerships – some companies will partner with you and pay you to write sponsored posts promoting their service or products if you get enough traffic to your site.

Please note, making money is possible from blogging but it requires hard work, persistence, educating yourself on how to do it, and time. There’s no guarantee you can make money.

Having said this, if you are prepared to persevere and get a large following you can make $1000s of dollars a month.

2.) Blogging is a Long Term Game

To have a successful student blog (by which I mean a blog that gets traffic) you need to be in it for the long haul. You need to create high quality content that is valuable to other readers.

It is likely you will need to educate yourself on methods of getting traffic to your website which includes search engine optimization. You can also promote your blog through a social media following.


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