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Stuck on what to write next in your fitness blog? In this article we cover:

1.) Tips on finding your own blog post ideas so you’ll never get writer’s block again.
2.) 80 unique and in-demand blog post ideas to get you started.

Top Tips for Finding Fitness Topics and Blog Post Ideas:

Listen to what your clients are asking you and what they’re talking about.

Are they asking you about specific exercises for injuries? Perhaps it’s the music tracks they listen to when the workout? Or the gear they need? What are their goals? Is it weight loss, building muscle or defined abs?

Who are your clients? What are their lives like? What challenges do they face? How old are they?

Are they mothers, career-focused, go on holidays, getting married or pregnant? Do they need to workout around the kids, their careers, their holidays, while working from home, to get in shape for a wedding or having a baby? Do they have other sports, hobbies or activities they may need to exercise for? Thinking about your clients and the challenges they have working out can give you many ideas.

Look on social media.

What questions are they asking in Facebook groups, for recommendations or support? Answering the questions they are posting on social media can make great blog posts too.

Google is Your Friend

Do a quick google search for topics that you are interested in writing in. Many Google searches now come up with question boxes underneath, giving you exact questions and search terms that people are searching for. Here is an example below:

Another Google Tip

When you do an initial search on Google, it will often finish off your search query for you with other terms that people are looking for.

For example, I typed “exercise routines” into the Google search box (shown below) and it comes up with lots of suggestions of ways other people have finished this search query.

You can have fun playing around with this. It works with the beginning of questions and phrases. It’s a great way to get ideas for new blog posts.

Think Local

If you’re a fitness instructor based in a location, think about what you can talk about that’s happening locally. These types of posts are likely to resonate with your existing client base and become searchable in google because there is less competition. It will also help people find your classes who live locally as google will start to associate your website with the locations you write about.

Save People Money and Time

People are busy and they like to save money. If your fitness blog posts can help them do that, they will appreciate the value. So consider blog posts that help in these areas. It could be coming up with 10-minute workouts they can fit in their busy day or reviewing products such as yoga mats which will offer them the best value.

Current Trends and Events

What is trending currently and how can this give you inspiration? For example, we are currently seeing fitness trends in home workouts, wearable technology, strength training, online training classes and wellness workouts.

As a fitness blogger, how can you help with these kinds of topics? Other types of trends include the types of exercises and workouts people are doing at the moment. For example, in 2023 Pilates, yoga and walking workouts are popular.

There are also celebrity trainers that people may be interested in reading about. The trainer of the moment in the UK is Joe Wicks.

You may also want to think about how other things happening in the world may impact fitness blog topics. For example in 2022 and 2023 we see the cost of living crisis may impact in which areas people are spending their money.

What events are happening? Is it an Olympic year? What food trends are people following? Veganury is one that jumps to mind.

After a quick Google search here are some fitness trends I found for 2023

Fitness Trends 2023

Virtual reality workouts
Biophilia training sessions (nature-based workouts)
Exercise snacking
Female weight training
Floating yoga
12-3-30 workouts (a treadmill-based workout)
75 soft
Stroller fitness
Incline walk
Mobility training
Posture workouts
Primal movement

Do a quick Google search for fitness trends and see if you can find more. Also, find some Google trends I discovered in nutrition.

Write what you’re interested in or what you know about?

Try and focus on articles that you are passionate about and will also interest your readers. Writing what you know is always quicker and you can share your knowledge with others. Writing what you’re passionate about will produce a better article and you won’t lose motivation.

Combining ideas you get from different groups and sources can give you some amazing blog post ideas on fitness. Try to think of post ideas which people are searching for but which don’t have tons of competition. Here are 80 to get you started.

80 Fitness Blog Post Ideas

10 Exercises to Strengthen Knees for Runners

The Best Exercises To Do If You Have Back Problems

Cardio workouts you can do with plantar fasciitis

How to exercise with bad feet

Is pilates or yoga better for …. (fill in blank … runners/moms / seniors)

8 Fitness Routines to Help You Lose Weight During Menopause.

5 Workout Routines to Do When Working From Home

Strength training after having a baby

The Best Exercises To Do While Working Away from Home

7 Fun Fitness Routines You Can Do With Your Kids

The Top 10 minute YouTube workout videos to fit into your life.

Best Camara for filming gym workouts

The best workouts to do when on vacation / while traveling

11 Effective Workouts to lose back fat quickly

Best water bottles for the gym /running/ cyclists etc.

Workout to quickly lose weight before a vacation

Is Pilates Good for Lower Back Pain

Can I teach myself pilates/yoga?

7 Awesome Muscle building workouts for teenagers

10 Fitness Festivals in ….. (location)

Best yoga mat for outdoor use

10 minute routine for outer thighs

Best Mat for Hot Yoga

How To Start Your Fitness Journey

8 Budget High Protein Recipies That Are Easy To Make

Dieting vs Lifestyle Changes

Top tips for working out while looking after a baby

10 Toddler Exercise Ideas

Rice vs pasta for weight loss/working out / bodybuilding

25 fun exercises for 4 to 8 year olds

The best muscle building vegan foods for skinny guys

The best YouTube workouts for kids

8 Exercises for a flat tummy you can do in bed

Circuit training workouts for…..(fill in blank) footballers/runners/cyclists etc

Burpee variations for ….(fill in blank) beginners/weight loss

8 Effective kickboxing moves for toning legs

Best Fitness Gifts for Personal Trainers

The 10 Most Motivational Playlists for…..(fill in blank) Hit Workouts / Running / Cardio /Crossfit

Boot camp for flat tummy

10 Simple abs exercises for a bad back

8 Reasons Runners Should Do …. (fill in blank) Pilates / Weight Training / Circuits

Best Squat Rack for a Home Gym

The Best Upper Body Circuit Workout

5 Top Online Stores To Buy Workout Gear

Effective Pilates / Yoga / Cardio (etc) workouts for new Moms

Weight Training Workouts for Men Over 50

5 Easy Ways to Avoid …..(fill in blank) (running / cardio / Cross Fit) injuries

10 Workout Hacks For a Home Workout

Races and Triathlon Events Taking Place Near …. (Location) in 2020.

5 Quick Fitness Workouts for Busy People.

The Most Inspirational Fitness Documentaries to Watch on Netflix

How To Walk 15 000 steps every day

The Best Gyms in …. (location)

Insanity Vs Gym – Which is Best?

Zumba Vs Aerobics – Which is Best?

The Best Health Food Stores in….(Location)

Review of Local (Sports Store / Health Food Store) in ….. (Location)

What are the Cheapest Gyms to Join in ….

HIIT Workouts Vs Strength Training For Fat Loss

Circuit Training Vs HIIT

Top Fitness Festivals near …. (location) in

Can You Work out in the morning with Intermittent fasting?

What are the best free (pilates, yoga, running etc) apps?

Circuit Training during Pregnancy

10 Workout Plans for Couples / Families

The best bike shops near….

Incline running vs walking – what’s better for burning calories

5 Quick and Easy 10 Minute Morning Workouts

Best Rock Music for Cardio Workouts

Jump Rope vs (Running / Cycling/ HIIT etc)

12 Best Jump Rope Workouts for Men (or other client group)

Hot Yoga Workouts Near ….

The Guide To Deadlifts for Women

100 High Energy Workout Songs

12 Week Running Plan from 10K to Half Marathon.

The Best Sweat Resistant Wireless Earbuds for Runners

The Best Folding Exercise Bike

21 Effective Home Workout Exercises for Chest Definition

7 Workouts Teenage Girls Will Love

10 Minute Daily Workout for a (flat tummy/ defined pecs, / bigger arms /round bum/ toned legs etc)

7 Top (Yoga, pilates, cardio exercises) for (flat tummy/ defined pecs, / bigger arms /round bum/ toned legs etc)

Best Back Exercises for a Defined Back for Men

10 Clever Weighted Jump Ropes for an Effective Home Workout.


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